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HIV study analyzes social media-based prevention strategies

Researchers from Cook County Health & Hospitals System ( CCHHS ) are investigating how social media can be used as a tool to prevent new HIV transmissions.

The study, titled "Keeping it Lite: Exploring HIV Risk in Vulnerable Youth With Limited Interaction," implements ads and other modes of outreach on apps and websites such as Grindr, Tinder and Facebook to enroll both young men who have sex with men as well as transgender women, two demographics especially at risk for HIV infection. Transgender men are being sought as well.

According to CCHHS officials, participants will be offered access to HIV testing and prevention information as will take part in optional data-gathering about their health behaviors, sociodemographic characteristics and socioecological influences.

The purpose is "to make a cohort so we understand what it is about where they are finding their partners—their venues, their personal behaviors and their social networking"—and

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Australian HIV/AIDS Legal Guide
278 pages
Australian HIV/AIDS Legal Guide

Manufacturers have proposed to market saliva and urine HIV/AIDS test kits, as well as "over-the-counter" kits for use at home. No such kits have been approved for marketing in Australia.38 State and Territory legislative regulation of HIV test kits is not uniform. Most State and Territory Health Departments have an administrative scheme in place which regulates test kit use, and some jurisdictions have statutory controls. 14.4.1 Commonwealth Therapeutic Goods Act 1989 Regulation of ...

The Complete HIV/AIDS Teaching Kit, With CD-ROM
408 pages
The Complete HIV/AIDS Teaching Kit, With CD-ROM

Western Blot is a highly specific supplemental test that detects the presence of HIV antibodies in the blood. The Western Blot test is less sensitive than the ELISA test, but it hardly ever gives a false positive result; therefore, it is used for confirming the ELISA test. Rapid serum HIV antibody tests, saliva- and urine- based antibody tests, and home HIV antibody testing kits also have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and are commercially available (Constantine, ...

HIV and AIDS:, Basic Elements and Priorities
418 pages
HIV and AIDS:, Basic Elements and Priorities

If inconclusive, the test sample is re-tested after 1–2 weeks. The first E/R/S test selected for any of the following three strategies should have high sensitivity. The second and third E/R/S tests should have high specificity to eliminate likelihood of false positive results. 1. Strategy-I: The clinical sample is subjected once to E/R /S using a highly sensitive and reliable test kit. If positive, the clinical sample is considered HIV infected and if negative, it is taken as HIV free. 2. Strategy-II: The  ...

Prescription for Nutritional Healing
869 pages
Prescription for Nutritional Healing

Government research shows a rapid HIV test can be used on women during childbirth. An estimated 700,000 children worldwide developed HIV infections last year, most in Africa and from mother-to-child transmission during childbirth or early infancy. Doctors hope that ... To date, the FDA has approved only one home test kit, the Home Access Express HIV-1 Test System from Home Access Health Corporation (see Manufacturer and Distributor Information in the Appendix). Beware of ...

Essentials of Immunology and Serology
538 pages
Essentials of Immunology and Serology

The home access test may be purchased via the internet, by telephone, or at various drugstores nationwide (USA). Individuals who choose to use the “Home Access HIV Test System” make a small puncture at a site near the tip of the middle or ring finger, using an instrument provided in the test kit. Then a large drop of blood is applied to the inside of a designated circle on a blood collection card, also provided in the kit. This card is referred to as a dried blood spot collection device and ...

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Test yourself for HIV
Test yourself for HIV They conducted a study on whether a group of men and women with a low education level could understand the instructions for an HIV home test. Ragon Institute researcher Dr Krista Dong said the idea of a self-testing kit was inspired by kwaito star Zola

Self-testing kit for HIV is easy but controversial
The United States government approval oral HIV testing kits in September 2013 to be sold in stores and on-line to anyone 17 years or older. These kits are simple to use. A swab is inserted into the mouth, and the mouth fluid interacts with chemicals in

Could HIV self-testing be a game changer in Africa?
For example, in Tanzania and Botswana, HIV testing is restricted to government-approved testing centres and can only be done under the supervision of a trained professional. In South Africa, pharmacies are prohibited from selling HIV self-testing kits 

What needs to be done to make HIV self-testing a reality?
What needs to be done to make HIV self-testing a reality? The document notes that self-testing already takes place in many countries that do not have regulations or policies on the sale, distribution or use of HIV self-testing kits. Regulatory frameworks will need to be set up; people need to be protected

Self-testing has the potential to boost HIV diagnosis rates among MSM in China
Self-testing, when an individual collects his or her own oral fluid of pin-prick blood sample and conducts a rapid HIV test, could increase rates of testing. Self-testing may be useful in China especially as the sale of self-testing kits is not