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Removal of government subsidy for blood sugar test strip would mean type 2 diabetics in Australia would pay $60/100 ...

Strips for blood sugar testing is part of a diabetes kit , along with a glucometer, pen, needle, insulin and maintenance medication. But when the strip is so expensive, diabetics would scrimp and test their blood sugar level less which is the situation looming in Australia.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the federal government, which just got a fresh mandate in the July 2 election, removed the subsidy on test strips for type 2 diabetics who are not insulin dependent beginning July 1. There is, however, a six-month grace period, so until December, they could still buy the strips at subsidised cost. With the removal of the subsidy, they would have to pay $60 from $1.20 for a box of 100 strip beginning 2017 which would hike the cost of blood sugar testing 50 times.

The reason behind the subsidy removal is government claims the hike in health expenditure was unsustainable. It was the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC) which recommended removing the subsidy because it found in a review that there is not much evidence the strips improve glucose control, quality of life or long-term complications.

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I Have Diabetes Too, Molly's Story

The more often you test your blood sugar levels and make needed adjustments to your treatment program, the less likely you are to develop diabetes-associated health problems. Monitoring with Test Strips Urine Test Strips Urine test strips ...

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this leads to a revenue of $60 million from diabetic strips in the United States alone. The number of diabetics is estimated to climb to 14.5 million by the year 2008 (Diabetic Test Strips, 2007). The number of diabetics was estimated to be 12 ...

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Test strips are used, which are prescribed by your GP. The test strips have a number of boxes with different colours. The test strip will change to a colour that can then be compared against the code on the side of the test strip container, to give ...

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On Call Plus Blood Glucose Monitoring System
The test strips that are included in the kit make blood application quick and simple. And if you run out of test strips for your On Call Plus Blood Glucose Monitoring meter, you can easily buy inexpensive test strips in online stores like TestCountry.

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The service includes home delivery of blood glucose meters, test strips, lancets and other supplies necessary for diabetics to manage their blood-sugar levels, the release said. RightSource serves about 600000 Humana plan members in all 50 states and

Marian Clinic in dire need of diabetic supplies
The organization says it needs glucometers and test strips which its patients use to monitor the disease. Normally pharmaceutical companies offer the supplies to the clinic free of charge, but the companies have stopped due to the recent economy.

UPDATED: Diabetes - Bayer recall of diabetes test strips comes to the U.S. ...
Bayer's Hong Kong recall of its Contour diabetes testing strips makes its way to the US, Bayer releases an official statement. Bayer HealthCare confirmed that it has recalled all retail stock of its Contour 10- and 25-count and Counter TS 10-count

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