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Type 1 Diabetes For Dummies
384 pages
Type 1 Diabetes For Dummies

You can also find others who share your interests. about.asp The Diabetes Monitor: The Diabetes Monitor is the creation of diabetes specialist Dr. William Quick. On this Web site, he discusses every aspect of diabetes, including the latest discoveries. www.diabetes The International Diabetes Federation: This organization, representing more than 100 countries, meets every three years and supports many studies aimed at diabetes prevention.

Type 1 Diabetes
272 pages
Type 1 Diabetes

Additional features accuChek Spirit Combo (Roche) No yes Handset features: BG meter, bolus advisor, data manager (Bluetooth) accuChek Insight (Roche) No yes Prefilled 1.6 mL cartridges of aspart insulin available (NovoRapid┬« PumpCart) Handset features: BG meter, bolus advisor, data manager, pump remote control with bolus delivery animas vibe (amimas) yes (Dexcom G4) No Bolus advisor, CHo calculator CGM sensors last up to 7 days MiniMed Paradigm veo (Medtronic) ...

Diabetes For Dummies
432 pages
Diabetes For Dummies

In January 2012, the FDA approved a remote continuous diabetes monitor called MySentry Remote Glucose Monitor that works with the Revel system. Now a parent sleeping in another room can monitor the glucose of her small child, as the device alerts her with an alarm if the glucose is too low or too high. If the parents of small children with diabetes can afford to shell out about $3,000 for the device, it should provide great peace of mind. In January 2015, the FDA approved the ...

Type 2 Diabetes For Dummies
300 pages
Type 2 Diabetes For Dummies

When battling illness, many people with diabetes monitor their blood glucose levels less frequently because they 'know it will be high anyway' or 'just feel too sick to test'. Unfortunately, failing to monitor your glucose levels when unwell can make things worse so continue to test at your usual frequency (see Chapter 6 for more on blood glucose and other testing). If you notice that the levels are getting higher, start to test more often to see if they're continuing to get higher. If you're testing ...

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New study helps kids monitor diabetes
New study helps kids monitor diabetes The clinical trial, the first of its kind in Canada, has started at the hospital involving insulin pump therapy and continuous glucose monitoring. The treatment used in the trial involves a more discreet way for children to monitor their diabetes where

Coaches help keep diabetics off sidelines
Coaches help keep diabetics off sidelines In order to mitigate these risks, people with diabetes have to constantly monitor their health. A Type 1 diagnosis means testing blood sugar multiple times a day, and often taking insulin in step with meals and physical activities.

Dog senses potential diabetes concerns
Daizee can be trained to respond to commands to "go get the meter" or "go get Mom." Daizee can also do something that no medical monitor or test could ever do. She can love Sidney and Sidney can love her. Daizee and Sidney will be inseparable.

SweetSpot Diabetes Care Wins VAi2 Innovation Competition
7, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- SweetSpot Diabetes Care, Inc. today announced an initiative to remotely monitor blood glucose levels in veterans with diabetes, which will be funded by an award from The US Department of Veteran Affair's industry innovation

Glucose monitor deal helps Roche catch up
Glucose monitor deal helps Roche catch up Continuous glucose monitors allow diabetic patients to get more frequent readings on their blood glucose levels, which can fluctuate substantially throughout the day. More frequent readings could help them better manage their diets and medications,