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Rick Perry says France wouldn't buy Texas beef and relies greatly on nuclear power

Rick Perry roused reporters at the White House the other day by taking multiple questions including an inquiry prompting the former governor to make a curious two-part claim about France.

Reporter: "Can you assure the American people that nuclear waste and nuclear plant safety are such that we should expand nuclear power in this country?’

U.S. Energy Secretary Perry: "You know, I would reflect that -- or deflect that, if he was here, to President (Emmanuel) Macron of France, who gets 70-plus percent of their power from nuclear energy."

"Now," Perry went on, "this is the country that wouldn’t buy Texas beef for some reason, yet 76 percent of their energy comes from nuclear power. So the French, who I’ve always thought were a little bit different -- (laughter) -- and that’s in a good way. You know, they recognized us as a state back in the 1830s, so we actually have a really close, personal relationship with the French. We like them. We had an embassy in Paris. They had one in Austin; as a matter of fact it’s still there, called the French Legation. Invite all of you to come and see it.

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Excerpta medica. Section 8, Neurology and neurosurgery Excerpta medica. Section 8, Neurology and neurosurgery

446 - carotid artery obstruction, stroke, tandem stenosis, 8 patients, 2149 - carotid artery obstruction, doppler ultrasound flow meter, comparison, 78 patients, 1 1 57 - cholesterol embolism, encephalopathy, muscle, retina artery embolism, skin, ...

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Advertising Age, 100 leading media companies Advertising Age, 100 leading media companies

P&G is pitching the brand as a means of avoiding cholesterol, because you can wrap the towels around some ... Since Arbitron's Scan America will provide people-meter ratings, it's also competing with Nielsen and AGB Television Research.

Arkansas Farm Research Arkansas Farm Research

A sensory panel of 28 members rated the samples as being lighter than, equal to, or darker than the fresh scrambled egg. ... extremely lighter than R; 5 = equal to R ; and 9 = extremely darker than R. A Gardner Color Difference Meter (CDM) was used for the objective evaluation. ... L a b Conclusions cholesterol than Based ...

Probability and Statistics for Engineers
848 pages
Probability and Statistics for Engineers

... Exc 8.25, Exc 8.50, Exc 9.3, Exc 9.57 e-mail counts: Ex 4.27 efficiency ratings of light bulbs: Exc 8.37—8.38 electric motors: Exc 4.28, ... 10.64 voltage meter: Exc 9.2, Exc 9.5 windows widths: Exc 9.81, Exc 10.27—10.28 yield stress in steel bars: Exc 9.28—9.29, Exc 9.51 ... patients: Exc 6.75 cholesterol levels: Exc 4.51 diagnostic tests: Ex 4.6, Exc 4.29 Exc 4.82 emergency medical services records: Exc ...