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Massage chair and cushions up for grabs

Healthy World Lifestyle Sdn Bhd executive director Lim Mee Ling said Ogawa’s vision was to deliver wellness.

“The massage chair is not only designed to relieve sore muscles as it can also help soothe a tired mind and reinvigorate the body and senses.”

The Ogawa Mobile Shiatsu EC massage cushions are designed to relieve tiredness and soothe muscle stiffness, stimulate and improve blood circulation. They also help reduce cellulite and burn calories via the built-in vibration and heat therapy functions.

Ride for Malaysia will kick off at 6.30am at the Sunsuria City Celebration Centre in Sepang, Selangor on July 30.

There is a 30km fun ride along scenic routes and a 5.5km family ride.

Join Ride for Malaysia and you could scoot home on a silver edition Vespa LXV 150.

The RM15,000 scooter is manufactured by Piaggio and sponsored by Naza Premira Sdn Bhd, the official distributor for the Italian brand in Malaysia.

Jointly organised by Star Media Group Bhd with property developer Sunsuria Bhd, other lucky draw prizes include 10 folding bicycles as well as smartphones – two Wiko Highway Pure, two Wiko Prime, two Wiko Ufeel Fab, and one Wiko Ufeel.

Cellulite Massage Machine - Bookshelf

Start and Run a Successful Beauty Salon, A comprehensive guide to managing or acquiring your own salon
160 pages
Start and Run a Successful Beauty Salon, A comprehensive guide to managing or acquiring your own salon

G5 G5 is a massage machine with five attachments that gyrate and vibrate, providing a varietyof massage techniques fordeep tissue work, cellulite reduction ormuscle relaxation. It helps tobreak down fat, increase circulation and smooth and tone the skin. If you are considering theuse of this machine in your salon, it is worth notingthat: □ The therapist needs to have an NVQ 3 to use a G5 massager. Most therapists are trained in its use as part of their beauty therapy trainingso there are ...

Get rid of cellulite, Simple shortcuts to beautiful skin
128 pages
Get rid of cellulite, Simple shortcuts to beautiful skin

Endermologie is a special form of deep tissue massage which uses a machine to stretch, stimulate, deep massage and smooth the contours of body fat, thereby reducing the circumference of the thighs or other areas of the body. The machine- based treatment is designed to get to work on the fat pockets that lie beneath the surface skin and which cause you all those problems. As the machine rolls back and forth across the cellulite-ridden area, it sucks in the skin, which helps loosen  ...

Body Treatments and Dietetics for the Beauty Therapist
392 pages
Body Treatments and Dietetics for the Beauty Therapist

The galvanic current for completing cellulite treatments may come from a small galvanic face and body machine, which provides for 2 paired sets of electrodes ( 4 pads). This allows ... This allows several areas of the body to be treated simultaneously and penetration of the active substances to be completed within a half hour treatment application, or concluding the one hour cellulite routine of peeling, massage heat, muscle contraction/vacuum and galvanic iontophoresis for cellulite.

Spa Bodywork, A Guide for Massage Therapists
341 pages
Spa Bodywork, A Guide for Massage Therapists

A Guide for Massage Therapists Anne Williams ... SEAWEED COCOON PROCEDURE Session Start Step 1: Exfoliation of the Posterior Body Step 2: Apply a Cellulite Cream to Target Areas of the Posterior Body Step 3: Exfoliate and Apply Cellulite Cream on the Anterior Body Step 4: Apply Seaweed Step 5: Cocoon Step 6: Process: Massage the Face, ... High-frequency machine: Machine that generates a rapidly oscillating electrical current that is transmitted through glass electrodes.

Beauty Therapy Fact File
162 pages
Beauty Therapy Fact File

One hour should be allocated for treatment to include preparation with body brushing and massage. Application of ... This plays an important part in the treatment of cellulite and clients should be advised to do the following: # Drink plenty of water, but not carbonated water as this helps the formation of cellulite. Add lemon ... Most modern machines use a faradic-type current, which is an interrupted or surged direct current and which, when applied, produces a contraction in the muscle.

Cellulite Massage Machine - News

New Non-Invasive Treatments Zap Cellulite & Body Fat
MIAMI (CBSMiami) – It used to be the only way people could trim down their unwanted belly fat and cellulite, aside from dieting, was to go through some rather intense procedures which require anesthesia and liposuction. Today there are “What this

Balance Face and Body Wellness Spa - Having a Makeover
They have a new and innovative Hydra Facial machine that is top notch and have received excellent reviews from each guest that had the Hydra Facial service. Their passion and vision for each guest, men and women, is to Massage can help to reduce

Legs a crimbo: Christmas shouldn't mean stuffing your pins into stockings - it ...
Legs a crimbo: Christmas shouldn't mean stuffing your pins into stockings - it ... His other miracle machines zap stretch marks and smooth out cellulite. We move onto a session of microderm- abrasion, which I'm promised will The Cowshed in Notting Hill also does a dry salt scrub treatment with an accompanying massage that leave

At-home fat busters
At-home fat busters On the machine, select which area you'll be working on and the pre-set timer and intensity level for that place is all ready to go. Using the applicator, massage the area in circular motions as well as up and down and side to side. Yes, it feels a bit

We put cellulite treatments to the test - which are worth your time and cash?
“An instructor took my measurements on an inBody machine - they showed higher than normal levels of fat around my mid-section and lower body, which was partly causing my cellulite. . "While that set like a face mask, the therapist massaged my colon.