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Some athletes tout benefits of avoiding animal-derived foods

On a recent Sunday, Raven Morgan stepped onto the mat at West High School in search of a sparring partner.

The temperature in the wrestling room that evening was kept at a balmy 80-plus degrees as sweaty men grappled around her.

A man well above her weight class gave her a playful nudge as she walked by, challenging her to a bout.

Morgan, who stands at 5 feet 4 and weighs 119 pounds, flashed him a friendly smile before she swiftly imposed her not-so-friendly dominance on him, pinning him to the mat with relative ease.

When the bell dinged to signal the end of the round, Morgan sauntered off to find the next victim — err, partner.

Though tenacity comes natural to the former long-distance runner and current mixed martial artist, the 31-year-old credits most of her vigor to her vegan diet.

Same goes for her husband, Dustin Weatherby, who is 5 feet 10 and a hulking 185 pounds of muscle. The 37-year-old has a 5-1 record in amateur MMA and, as a member of an amateur rugby team, plays other amateur teams and even college clubs with members near half his age.

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Give Athlete's Foot the Boot ....for Good, Athlete's Foot Free for 7 Years and Counting...
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Give Athlete's Foot the Boot ....for Good, Athlete's Foot Free for 7 Years and Counting...

Athlete's Foot Free for 7 Years and Counting... Eliza Polly. Step 4 Apply foot powder Simple: Apply foot power to the toes and between the toes. Also apply foot powder to shoes. Detail: It is not only a good idea to apply foot powder after your shower, but also when going to bed. Applying at bed time allows the powder to keep the feet dry for a full 8 hours or more. The best method I have found to apply powder to the toes is to use the indented sock method. To do this, take a sock and turn ...

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O Frees feet from itch and pain. Medication quickly helps heal raw cracks. © Destroys athletes foot fungus painlessly— never burns inflamed tissues. €> Block return of athletes foot- use Quinsana regularly. Don't burn open cracks or raw itching skin with painful liquids. Soothe away athletes foot torment with cool Quinsana Powder. Itch stops. Cracks heal. Quinsana helps stop spread of athletes foot fast, blocks its return when used regularly. Kills odor-causing bacteria, too. For athletes ...

Fixing Your Feet, Injury Prevention and Treatments for Athletes
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Fixing Your Feet, Injury Prevention and Treatments for Athletes

Preventive measures include washing your feet daily with soap and water; drying them thoroughly, especially between the toes; wearing moisture-wicking socks; regularly changing your shoes and socks to control moisture; and using a good, moisture-absorbing foot powder. Because athlete's foot is contagious, if you use a communal shower or bathroom after an event, or use a gym to train, avoid walking barefoot in these areas. Use flip-flops, shower booties, or even your shoes or ...

Smart Medicine for Healthier Living
657 pages
Smart Medicine for Healthier Living

Cut a few slivers of raw garlic and put them in your socks, or dust your shoes with garlic-based foot powder. The medicinal properties are absorbed through the skin. M Dust between your toes with an absorbent powder, such as green clay, to help keep these problem areas dry. HOMEOPATHY M Thuja is an effective treatment for athlete's foot. Morning and evening, rub a few drops of undiluted liquid homeopathic Thuja directly on the affected areas of your feet. If you see improvement ...

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Popular Science

Foot specialists on the Council on Podiatric Therapeutics ACCEPTED of the American Podiatry Association have granted their official seal to Mennen Quinsana Foot Products along with this statement : "Quinsana Foot Powder, Penetrating Foam and Foot Deodorant are effective foot health aids and of significant value when used in a consistently applied program of daily foot care and regular professional treatment." Quinsana Foot Powder— for relief of athlete's foot and daily foot care.

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