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Rebecca Regnier: Olympics inspire fond memories

The 1976 Olympics turned me into a lifelong fan of the games. And here we are again, celebrating the best on the planet in everything from the curious rituals of curling to the melee that is the short track speed skating relay.

Back in ’76 Dorothy Hammill inspired my sister and me to coat the kitchen floor with Lemon Pledge and slide around in our socks. My sister and I still laugh remembering our Dad’s discovery of our new ice rink. Let’s just say he did not stick the landing (Sorry, Dad).

The 1976 Summer Games brought us Nadia Comúneci.

Her perfect ten led us to refashion our backyard swing set into an Olympic event. I was the first American to score a perfect ten on the backyard flying swing dismount.

The 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics has been on our television every night. Though the ratings are low this year, I’m still watching. Regardless of whether it’s gold, silver or bronze, I’m all in with the Olympics.

Athlete Socks - Bookshelf

Athletic Footwear and Orthoses in Sports Medicine
491 pages
Athletic Footwear and Orthoses in Sports Medicine

The “foot” of the sock can have a cushioned “sole” portion and cushioned “instep” portion, or some variation thereof. The arch section may have additional elastic for support. The toe area of the sock will have a seam which may be almost imperceptible in finer quality hosiery. So-called “seamless” socks are preferred for medical application but this feature may have benefit in reducing pressure over the toes in the active athlete. A recent trend has been the offering of sport socks shaped ...

Awakening the Sleeping Tiger: The True Story of a Professional Chinese Athlete Awakening the Sleeping Tiger: The True Story of a Professional Chinese Athlete

She gave several pairs of socks to each of her friends.” That made me happy. During my first visit after I made the team, Baba asked, “What salary did they give you?” When I told him, he was amazed. “That's higher than my salary and I've been a medical doctor for thirty years.” That's the way China's system worked. Professional athletes were at the top pay level along with military leaders and air force pilots. It made me uncomfortable to see Baba looking a bit dejected. While at home ...

The Winter Athlete, Secrets of Wholistic Fitness for Outdoor Performance
465 pages
The Winter Athlete, Secrets of Wholistic Fitness for Outdoor Performance

Synthetic fabrics like Capilene come in lightweight, midweight, and expedition weight. The thicker the fabric, the colder the temperature for which it's suitable. Midweight is a wise choice for stop-and-go excursions, while lightweight is better for sustained exercise. Expedition weight comes in handy for climbing Mount Everest or deluxe chilling in the crib. Socks The new generation of moisture- wicking socks is fantastic. Some brands even have friction- and abrasion- reduction designs.

The Encyclopedia of Infectious Diseases
412 pages
The Encyclopedia of Infectious Diseases

22 athlete's foot athlete's foot A common fungal condition causing the skin between the toes (usually the fourth and fifth toes) to itch, peel, and crack. Associated with wearing shoes and sweating, the condition is rare in young children and in places of the world where people do not wear shoes. It is primarily found in adolescents and men, especially those who wear sneakers without socks. A person with athlete's foot is infectious for as long as the lesions exist. Itchy skin on the foot is ...

Athletic Training and Sports Medicine
925 pages
Athletic Training and Sports Medicine

Athletes need adequate footgear and cotton/synthetic-blend socks to keep the feet cushioned and dry. Blisters, corns, calluses, ulcers, and ingrown toenails require prompt treatment by a physician. The athlete with diabetes should perform endurance activity 4 to 6 times per week to keep energy expenditure, dietary intake, and medications at steady levels. Athletes should start gradually, with 20 to 30 minutes of light- to moderate-intensity exercise, progressing to 40 to 60 minutes, and ...

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Do Compression Socks Really Work?
With manufacturers claiming compression socks and tights increase oxygen delivery, decrease lactic acid, prevent cramps, and minimize muscle fatigue, the wonder garments have been the hottest new item in athletic circles. But, whether or not the socks

Excellent effort in Wolverhampton
Excellent effort in Wolverhampton STRATFORD Athletic Club's junior athletes made the journey to Aldersley Leisure Village in Wolverhampton for the second fixture of the West Midlands Young Athletes Cross Country League and the team performed impressively as they built on the solid

First Day of 2014 Adventures [A Race, Noms, and Tradition]
. By The Chi-Athlete on January 02, 2014 I quickly learned that I needed: Thicker socks; thicker gloves; and waterproof running shoes. Also, I learned that I should over-prepare (a.k.a. over

Athletes impress in Cross Country League
Ellen was not alone in finishing with a sock/shoe combination and one other athlete even finished shoeless. Ellen was frustrated to have been disadvantaged but also saw the funny side. There was another excellent run from Evie Lowe (30th, 7.32) who can 

USC Football Recruiting: 7 Players to Watch in High School All-Star Games
USC Football Recruiting: 7 Players to Watch in High School All-Star Games USC has been courting Jackson for some time now, and the 5-star athlete has shown interest in return by sporting cardinal and gold socks at one passing camp and tweeting his support of Steve Sarkisian as USC's new head coach earlier in December.